Glen Child joined us almost two years ago and quickly became a very important part of the band.   As a drummer his skill, professionalism and attention to detail has made him a pleasure to work with.  As a front man and a guitarist I want a drummer I can rely on to keep time and drive the band.  I also want someone who will base their decisions on the big picture rather than their own agenda.  This comes naturally to Glen.

His musical ability and knowledge allows him to play any genre and face any musical challenge with confidence and skill.  He is a true musician in the sense that he is a life student of music.  Never arrogant, never narrow minded and embraces innovation as well as a standard approach.  I consider myself to be very fussy when it comes to the musicians I work with, but with Glen there is no question.  He balances solid ‘pocket’ playing with finesse and flare and he’s the best all-round drummer I’ve come across in New Zealand.

As well as being our drummer, he has also been involved with writing and producing our upcoming album ‘Say what you mean’. His feel, tempo, organization and professionalism make him a great drummer and his attitude, humour, and integrity make him a great team player. He sets an example for other drummers to aspire to.

Danny McCrum www.dannymccrum.com

Glen is the rock of my band. He is an utter professional whether it be during practices, free charity gigs or on stage to thousands. He always delivers and brings exactly what I need of him everytime we play together. Glen truly is the engine of the band and without him I’d be at a complete loss.

As well as his playing, his technical knowledge of using stems when needed is second to none and I’m always completely confident things are going to go smoothly, but more than that epicly. An added extra with Glen is that he can also take over tour managing when needed!!

Jonny Love www.myspace.com/jonnyloveband 

I was fortunate enough to work with Glen Child soon after he arrived from the UK. In a world full of drummers, Glen ‘Voodoo Chops’ Child is dedicated to the craft. Amazing finesse, solid grooves and subtle yet jaw-dropping technique. I noticed he wasn’t just tight on the kit but also well organised. Glen has an amazing work ethic. You could always trust him to turn up on time, with the right attitude.

He has created a buzz in the Auckland drumming community while performing with a variety of world class acts round New Zealand. In the studio while recording the Phoenix album, Glen got inside the songs. He was there for the music.

Darcy Perry www.darcyperry.co.nz


Glen is a great teacher and it’ll be a pleasure to have him back next year

Ronnie Eketone Musical Director, Excel School Of Performing Arts



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