Glen Child is one on NZ’s finest drummers and educators. A  passionate player who is already receiving reviews and recommendations from Musicians, Musical Directors and Producers. Since turning professional in 2000,  Glen has toured extensively thru the UK and internationally, plus amassing a wealth of session and theatre credits such as:  Me & My Girl; Krazy for you; Kiss me Kate; Limpish Bizkit (tribute band); Metropolis (Uk function Band) and Uk singer songwriters Denny Lloyd and Natalie Long.

Glen originally started learning snare drum, timpani and tuned percussion at his local music centre working his way up through the wind bands, big bands and function bands. In 1996 he spent a year studying under Paul Elliot, Francis Seriau, Brian Greene & Pete Cater at Drumtech, graduating with a Drumtech Diploma and  “Most improved Student”.  He then went on  and studied at  the London College of Music, graduating with a BMus in Popular Music Performance.

In 2006 Glen emigrated to New Zealand where he quickly gained a great reputation as a solid, versatile player, working with Annie Crummer, Darcy Perry Band, Farmer Pimp, Billy Tk Junior, The Lady Killers, Jonny Love and Danny McCrum Band.

Alongside his playing career Glen has been teaching for well over 12 years. He teaches Drum Kit at Orewa College, De la salle College, Birkenhead College. As well as from his own school: www.drumschool.co.nz.  Glen has developed a solid curriculum, ensuring all his students  gain a good practical knowledge of Styles, Reading, Technique and Musicality.Glen prides himself on being a versatile, solid and dynamic drummer who always plays for the song and for the band.

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