Online Recording

If you’d like live drums on your track or project, I’m offering a service providing high quality sounding multi-tracked drums.

How It Works

Step 1: Establish email/phone contact to discuss what you need and agree a fee.

Step 2: Email or post your song to me (with no drums on).

Step 3: I’ll record a drum track for the song to your specifications and email a mix for you to approve.

Step 4: If you want changes implementing we discuss them via email/phone and I’ll Send another take for your approval. Once you’re happy with the result you pay the agreed fee and I send you the individual drum tracks on CD/DVD/DOWNLOAD.

*The supplied track needs to have NO DRUMS on it. If you have a drum part that you want me to imitate it’s preferable if you can send it as a separate file (which starts at the same place as the song).

*Ideally, the track has been recorded to a click. I will need the exact tempo you recorded to. It’s helpful to include 2 bars of the click track at the start of the song. This will help me align the file in Logic.

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